Three Reasons To Use Lamp Boxes

27 April 2023
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When you're preparing for a move, it's important to buy a large supply of boxes that will hold your various possessions. While standard boxes are good for securely transporting all sorts of items, it's useful to know what specialty boxes are on the market. Any supplier that specializes in moving boxes carries a wide range of boxes that are designed for specific purposes. One product is a lamp box, which is available in several different sizes and designed to hold either a table lamp or a floor lamp. Here are some reasons that it's a good idea to use lamp boxes during your upcoming move.

Prevent Damage 

Unless you have lamp boxes, you might place your lamps unprotected in your rented moving truck. Most standard boxes won't hold lamps, and this is especially true for floor lamps. When you place any lamp loose in your truck, there's a chance that it could get damaged. Something heavy may shift during travel and dent the lampshade, for example. Or, the lamp may fall over and suffer a dent. When you have a specialized box to hold your lamp, you can be confident that it won't sustain damage during the move.

Lower Injury Risk

If you've ever carried a floor lamp around during a move, you'll know that the power cord can often dangle below the lamp. Even if you wind it around the tube of the lamp, the cord can unwind and dangle precariously. There's a risk that you could step on the cord and trip while you're carrying the lamp. This could cause you to sustain an injury, which is the last thing you'd want on a busy moving day. When you place your lamp in a lamp box, the cord will no longer present as a tripping hazard.

Save Time

Some people who don't use lamp boxes will disassemble their lamps prior to moving. For example, you might remove the lightbulb and place it in a box, and then remove the lampshade and wrap it in bubble wrap. You'd then place the rest of the lamp in the truck. Each of these steps takes time, which isn't ideal when you're already busy. When you use a lamp box, you can place the entire lamp in the box without having to disassemble it and then reassemble it when you arrive at your new home. 

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