Choosing A Crane Service For Your Next Job

23 September 2015
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Finding a crane service for your next project is not as easy as calling the first one you find in the list of results from an internet search, nor is it as easy as choosing the service that comes with the lowest price. You need to find a service that has the right equipment, skills, and training to meet the demands of your job.


If you are lifting a light object, knowing the exact weight or center of gravity may not be completely critical. On the other hand, if you are lifting an object that weighs multiple tons, a slight miscalculation can make the difference between successfully moving an object or destroying the object along with your equipment. Skilled crane operators should be versed in rigging, which may not be an exact science, but it is a critical skill for a crane operator. Rigging is a skill that you cannot gain by going to college—not even a technical college—it has be to learned by apprenticing yourself to a master in the trade. Thus, when you look into a crane service for a job that requires heavy lifting, make sure that you find someone who is well skilled in rigging.

Dangerous Materials

Sometimes you have to move materials that are not just heavy, but are also potentially dangerous. When it comes to moving dangerous materials, your crane operator must understand the variables in play and have the right strategies for handling them. In some cases, your crane operator must have certain certifications or federal licenses. Do your homework so that your project does not end with costly disaster. 


Double check with your crane operator to make sure they have the right equipment for your needs. A crane operator does not have to be a jack-of-all trades. Instead, they will go where they can find work. If a crane operator finds a niche, they will not necessarily keep looking for other work, and then they will not look for the equipment that they need to take on other jobs. A crane operator might come highly recommended, but if you take them out of their comfort zone, or ask them to take on a job that they don't have the equipment to handle, your are not setting them or yourself up for success. 

Choosing a crane operator like Lockwood Brothers Inc is not complicated; you just have to have a good set of criteria for evaluating potential crane operators.