5 Ways To Save Your Dignity When You Get Dumped

29 September 2015
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No one likes having their heart broken. You thought your relationship was going great and were hoping you'd be together for a long time, but unfortunately they didn't feel the same way. In the heat of the moment after a breakup, it's easy to get lost in your painful emotions and act out in ways that you may regret later. Instead, take a deep breath and follow these steps:

Send Their Stuff By Courier

The post-breakup exchange of stuff can be incredibly painful. Seeing your ex again when your wounds are still raw can prolong your sadness unnecessarily. On the other hand, holding onto their things means living with painful reminders of your relationship. The dignified thing to do is pack up anything of theirs at your house, and send them by courier service. This is efficient, quick, and impersonal, which is what you want right now.

Go No Contact

Studies have shown that breakups can trigger serious withdrawal symptoms. It's best to get your ex out of your system as quickly as possible rather than torturing yourself with phone calls and text exchanges. If you have to, delete and block their phone number, at least until you are past the worst stages of grief.  This will save you from sending embarrassing text messages or making tearful phone calls you may feel embarrassed about later.

Gather a Support System

You shouldn't go through this time alone, but you also can't rely on your ex emotionally like you may be used to doing. This is the time to turn to close friends and family members. Admit to them that you're sad and hurt and need to be supported emotionally. Even when you don't feel like talking about the breakup, simply curling up on the couch and watching silly movies with your friends might do wonders for your emotional state.

Unlink Them on Social Media

Social media can be torturous after a breakup. The last thing you need right now is reminders of your ex, especially if their social media shows them out and about having fun in the wake of your breakup. Rather than give in to the temptation to virtually keep up on their life, it's time to cut the cord technologically. Once you're no longer linked on Facebook, Instagram, etc., it will be easier to move on.

By following these tips, you can get through your breakup with grace and dignity.