The Fleet Industry Needs You

22 October 2015
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There are many different kinds of jobs in the fleet industry that pay well, include benefits, and do not require a ton of training beforehand. There are also management positions in this industry that require more experience. Whether you are in need of an entry-level job that you can find quickly, or you have the training to work as a manager, you may want to consider getting a fleet job. 

Types of Fleet Jobs 

Transportation Logistics Manager: The logistics manager holds an administrative position that schedules all of the driving. They are the go-between for clients and drivers. They are also in charge of payroll and audits. 

Fleet Manager: A fleet manager oversees and plans the maintenance schedules of all the vehicles in the fleet. They are responsible for purchasing vehicles for the fleet along with purchasing and taking inventory for any additional parts needs. They make sure all of the vehicles and other equipment owned by the company are working properly and if there is a problem, the fleet manager assigns a mechanic to repair the machinery. 

Diesel Mechanic/General Mechanic: Every type of fleet whether the company is in shipping, freight hauling, or manufacturing needs good mechanics to keep their vehicles running. The mechanics ensure the safety of the drivers. They also improve the efficiency of the company. Vehicles that put on a lot of miles are going to need constant maintenance. If you do not have experience as a mechanic, there are several different tech schools that can train you and get you started. 

Fleet Service Worker: These types of employees are needed for when the vehicles do not need to be repaired, but have general maintenance needs. Fleet service workers are in charge of lubrication and oil changes. They also provide roadside assistance, when necessary.

Truck Driver: There is a driver shortage in the industry right now, making it the perfect time to apply for a job as a truck driver. This is an entry level job that pays well and full-time employees receive benefits. New employees must attend truck driving school to ensure safe operation of the vehicle. If you like to drive long distances and see new places, this might be a good job for you to consider.  

The fleet industry provides employment opportunities for many different kinds of people with different backgrounds and abilities. A fleet job can help you develop important skills and get you the experience you need to move forward in your career.