Preparing Your Major Appliances For Your Move

29 October 2015
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Major appliances are a major investment. No one relishes the idea of having to buy a new refrigerator or washer/dryer thanks to a mishap during moving. Preparing your major appliances for your big move is a task of great importance.

Most moving companies will insist on your preparing all major appliances for moving prior to their arrival. So hiring a professional service may not get you out of packing those monstrous machines. Even if you hire a service that specializes in prepping appliances for transportation, you'll still want to ensure they do the job right.

Step 1: Clean

Before boxing up and padding down any appliance, take the time to thoroughly clean and dry it. This is especially important for the refrigerator, freezer, and range. It's even more vital if the appliance will be stored for any length of time.

Leftover grease and grime will turn rancid and gummy while catching dust and dirt. Permanent stains can result. Even the tiniest bit of moisture left on an appliance in a warm, enclosed space can encourage mold and mildew growth. Clean and dry those appliances to avoid unwanted damage.

Step 2: Service the Appliance

Washing machines, refrigerators, and removable dishwashers all have something in common: water hookups. When prepping any such appliance for a move, take the time to service it. Turn off all water faucets. Disconnect and drain the hoses.

If you are storing hookup pieces inside the unit while moving, wrap them securely in a towel to avoid scratching or other damage. Some appliances, like the washing machine, may require specific preparation to maintain balance while moving. Reference your owner's manual for suggestions and details.

Step 3: Secure the Appliance

Packing is important. If you are boxing your appliances, ensure they are well padded and fit snuggly. The boxes themselves should be secured inside the moving truck or van to limit any slipping or sliding during transit. Before packing, be sure that you remove any racks, bins, and removable accessories so they do not come loose and bang around inside the appliance, which can damage the parts as well as the appliance itself.

If you don't have boxes, you can use moving blankets if you wrap the appliance well. Be sure they are tightly secured, and take extra time to ensure they don't slip off during loading. Follow these three steps to preparing your major appliances, and you'll be ready for a smooth move!