Unique Packaging Ideas For Your Custom Jewelry Pieces

2 December 2015
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When you make custom jewelry, you want your packaging to be custom as well. You want your customers to receive a package that is both beautiful and functional so your beautiful homemade items are represented properly. Here are great unique packaging ideas for your custom jewelry pieces that your customers will love.

Wooden boxes

Consider placing each handmade item in a beautiful wooden box that you can engrave your company's name or initials into. Or, you can promote the packaging to your customers as part of their their purchase by offering to hand-engrave or paint personal initials or a name into their box for a small additional fee. The box can be used later to store the jewelry you provide or other trinkets, such as small notes, mementos, or other items that your customers wish to cherish.

You can buy bulk wooden boxes online at craft supply stores or even buy them at your local discount store. This unique custom packaging technique also makes shipping your jewelry easy, since a wooden box can be easily placed in a protective padded envelope for your customers to receive.

Colored foil envelopes

If you are shipping your jewelry to customers around the world, you want your shipping packaging to look unique and creative. You can buy colored padded foil envelopes in a variety of beautiful hues that you can put your shipping label and company logo on. Colors you can consider include:

  • violet
  • gold
  • silver
  • red
  • blue

These hues stand out in your customer's mailbox, making your package the first thing they see when they open their mail. This helps increase the excitement factor of your custom jewelry, and makes your customers look forward to their future colorful packages.

Burlap or silk bags

Drawstring bags are very crafty, and serve many purposes. They house your jewelry in a chic way and provide a small bag that your customers can use later for change, makeup items, or for keeping their jewelry in a safe place. Consider burlap bags if your jewelry is fun and cheeky, or silk bags if you make more glamorous custom jewelry. Your customers will love their custom packaging that they can use again and again.

Making custom jewelry for your customers is about more than providing a beautiful accessory, it's about presenting your craft well. These unique packaging ideas make your jewelry stand out in a new way, and give your customers added benefit that will make them appreciate your quality work that much more.

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