Shipping Mistakes All Businesses Should Avoid

15 April 2016
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For any business operating in an international market, having a cost effective and efficient plan for shipping their goods or products is essential. Unfortunately, a number of businesses fail in this area. Here are just a few of the common mistakes businesses make when shipping their products to clients.

Failure To Verify Labels

A number of shipping mishaps simply come down to inaccurate information. It's not the responsibility of the shipping carrier to verify your labels are correct, but simply to deliver based on the information that you provide. Any organization that does not have a system in place for double-checking label information is asking for trouble. Incorrect deliveries because of an in-house error shed a negative light on your business and cost you in the form of lost products.

Using A One-Size-Fits-All Shipping Method

Don't make the mistakes of assuming you can get by with a one-size-fits-all shipping method. This is particularly important when it comes to your shipping materials. Using the same packaging to ship everything is a great way to lose money. When you pay for shipping, you aren't just paying based on weight, but also configuration. Shipping an object in packaging that is larger than necessary will cause you to pay more than necessary, which also means charging your customers more than necessary.

Miscalculating Transit Times

Your clients expect their goods and products to be delivered when you say they will be. While most people understand that adverse weather or some other unforeseen event can cause a delay, when a package is late because you miscalculated transit times, they aren't as forgiving. Make sure you are on top of this data. The shipping company you have partnered with will provide you with this information. Having these details on-hand ensures you have your packages ready for shipment on time.

Avoiding Mistakes

The above-mentioned mistakes don't just have the potential to cost you money, they can also decrease efficiency, which is never a good thing. A shipping consultant can help you avoid these mistakes. As a shipping expert, a consultant will analyze the current shipping demands of your business to come up with a plan best suited to increase efficiency, while also decreasing cost.

Avoiding costly and time-consuming shipping mistakes can improve your bottom line and make your business more successful, overall. Make sure you are making a commitment and taking action to follow more efficient shipping practices.