Concerned About How The Pandemic Will Affect Your Plans To Move? 3 Things To Know

17 February 2022
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Moving is seldom easy, even without an ongoing pandemic situation to complicate the process. While waiting to move until after Covid-19 and any future variants no longer pose a concern could be an option, no one can accurately predict when that will occur. Those who want or need to move sooner for pressing reasons, such as starting a new job, reducing daily living costs, or being closer to extended family members, may not be willing or able to delay their plan even with pandemic-related concerns in mind.

If you are planning a move that you cannot or do not want to delay, here are some important tips to help you more easily navigate the process and avoid problems related the pandemic. 

Choose a moving company who understands your concerns

The first consideration during any move is to locate and hire a moving company that will work with you to ensure the moving process is as efficient as possible. In addition to using reviews and referrals from satisfied customers to help guide your search for a moving company, you will also want to ask each company interview questions that will help you understand what actions they are taking to help mitigate Covid-19 risks for their employees and customers. While actual vaccination status information may not be available for individual employees, look for companies that continue to encourage the use of safety precautions such as masking, optimal hygiene, and social distancing. 

Schedule the move well in advance

Timing is a critical factor during any household moving process, but it is even more important during a pandemic situation due to potential issues with staffing. When scheduling, consider booking your moving date as soon as you know that you will need to move, even if the date of the move is several weeks or months in the future. Booking as far in advance as possible will allow the moving company to better manage pandemic-related staffing issues without negatively affecting your move. 

Be mindful of local conditions and risk factors

Even when booked far in advance, it is important to continually monitor local conditions and risk factors that could affect your move. If transmission rates spike, monitoring conditions will help you better manage those risk factors and protect your family. In addition to getting vaccinations and booster shots, families who are moving during the pandemic will also want to remain diligent about masking, hygiene, and taking necessary actions to protect fragile family members throughout the moving process. 

The pandemic has caused many changes to occur within the moving industry. To learn more about moving with Covid-19 in mind, take time to discuss your concerns with a reputable moving services company in your area.