Five Factors That Impact Shipping Container Delivery Costs

24 July 2016
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Lowering the shipping costs of your operation could benefit your bottom line enormously. If you're regularly having shipping containers delivered either locally or internationally, you can probably cut your shipping costs if you familiarize yourself with the factors that impact prices. The following are five different aspects of your shipping container delivery needs that could be driving up costs at your company: Whether or not you purchase insurance Most likely, you're investing in insurance so that you're reimbursed if you're items are damaged en route. Read More 

Shipping Mistakes All Businesses Should Avoid

15 April 2016
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For any business operating in an international market, having a cost effective and efficient plan for shipping their goods or products is essential. Unfortunately, a number of businesses fail in this area. Here are just a few of the common mistakes businesses make when shipping their products to clients. Failure To Verify Labels A number of shipping mishaps simply come down to inaccurate information. It's not the responsibility of the shipping carrier to verify your labels are correct, but simply to deliver based on the information that you provide. Read More