Unique Packaging Ideas For Your Custom Jewelry Pieces

2 December 2015
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When you make custom jewelry, you want your packaging to be custom as well. You want your customers to receive a package that is both beautiful and functional so your beautiful homemade items are represented properly. Here are great unique packaging ideas for your custom jewelry pieces that your customers will love. Wooden boxes Consider placing each handmade item in a beautiful wooden box that you can engrave your company's name or initials into. Read More 

Preparing Your Major Appliances For Your Move

29 October 2015
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Major appliances are a major investment. No one relishes the idea of having to buy a new refrigerator or washer/dryer thanks to a mishap during moving. Preparing your major appliances for your big move is a task of great importance. Most moving companies will insist on your preparing all major appliances for moving prior to their arrival. So hiring a professional service may not get you out of packing those monstrous machines. Read More 

The Fleet Industry Needs You

22 October 2015
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There are many different kinds of jobs in the fleet industry that pay well, include benefits, and do not require a ton of training beforehand. There are also management positions in this industry that require more experience. Whether you are in need of an entry-level job that you can find quickly, or you have the training to work as a manager, you may want to consider getting a fleet job.  Read More 

5 Ways To Save Your Dignity When You Get Dumped

29 September 2015
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No one likes having their heart broken. You thought your relationship was going great and were hoping you'd be together for a long time, but unfortunately they didn't feel the same way. In the heat of the moment after a breakup, it's easy to get lost in your painful emotions and act out in ways that you may regret later. Instead, take a deep breath and follow these steps: Send Their Stuff By Courier Read More 

Choosing A Crane Service For Your Next Job

23 September 2015
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Finding a crane service for your next project is not as easy as calling the first one you find in the list of results from an internet search, nor is it as easy as choosing the service that comes with the lowest price. You need to find a service that has the right equipment, skills, and training to meet the demands of your job. Rigging If you are lifting a light object, knowing the exact weight or center of gravity may not be completely critical. Read More